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Photo of Valencia for upcoming Motac event

Motac will be attending the Spanish Society of Neurology (21-25 November). Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Erwan Bezard, will give a lecture entitled “Synucleopathies and prion diseases. Mechanisms of disease.” on Friday 24 November at 11 am. His presentation will introduce the latest developments in experimental modeling of proteinopathies in general and synucleopathies in particular. He would be delighted to meet with you to update you on the models and services we have available. Please email to fix a meeting.




Motac provides highly-specialised preclinical services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to support the discovery and development of therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Motac has extensive expertise and world-class research capabilities in neurodegenerative conditions, particularly Parkinson’s disease, other movement disorders and cognitive disorders. We specialise in preclinical proof-of-concept and efficacy studies. Find out more about our company »