Actively participates in Research and Innovation projects in collaboration with academic and private-sector researchers.


Comorbidity Mechanisms of Anxiety and Parkinson’s Disease

The AND-PD project aims to investigate the impact of PD on pathways in the brain to further understand the functional and pathological changes caused by the disease.

NEXGEN is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Project aiming to revolutionise the treatment and diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. NEXGEN pioneers a new vaccine platform which produces substantially stronger immune responses than any existing vaccines and develops a new diagnostic assay to detect biomarkers of Parkinson’s in blood and urine for earlier detection.


PARMED is a groundbreaking project aimed at developing disease-modifying RNA therapies for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in collaboration with leading experts from Neumirna Therapeutics (DK), University of Bordeaux (FR), and the Center of RNA Medicine (CRM) at Aalborg University (DK).