Our team

Dedicated and specialised individuals at the forefront of innovation and discovery, working together to develop novel therapeutics for diseases of the central nervous system.


The in-house staff scientists at Motac span the key preclinical disciplines of pharmacology, molecular biology, anatomy and physiology. This ensures an integrated, multidisciplinary approch to the development of new translational models, the identification and validation of new therapeutic targets and the evaluation and refinement of new therapies .

Our core expertise is in field of neurodegenerative disorders, particularly Parkinson’s disease, other movement and cognitive disorders. Several of our personnel have been active over decades in research at the highest level into the basic brain mechanisms that mediate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and involuntary movement disorders (dyskinesias) and are internationally-recognised authorities in this area. Their research has led directly to the development of novel therapies, such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) that has benefitted many thousands of patients. This extensive pratical experience and technical know-how, accumulated over many years working with in vivo models offered, is unparalleled in the commercial sector.